welcome to my website.

my studio is located in laguna beach, california. my influences are many, but a lot of what i paint, draw, or photograph is a result of things that i like to look at. it could be anything, but it is almost always something that i find interesting, fun, and most importantly, beautiful. i love color. i love light. in southern california, we have no shortage of either. a lot of my time is spent observing the environment that i live in. i find that if you look close enough, you can find beauty in things that you see everyday of your life even if, most of the time, you would not give these things a second glance. look carefully. my eyes eventually seek out the things that i find pleasing. sooner or later, those memories find their way into my work.

eventually, i will be adding more current work, and a blog to this site. in the meantime, i hope that you enjoy the artwork that is up. there will be much more to come.

please feel free to email me regarding prices and availability.

enjoy, and thank you for looking me up.

laguna beach, ca